Construction Waste Recycler of Texas Testimonials

Listed in alphabetical order based on company name.

Beck-Reit and Sons

"Construction Waste Recycler of Texas provides a sustainable approach to construction debris along with excellent service and fair pricing. Fred and his crew have been great to work with at our SOL subdivision project in East Austin and we plan to continue our working partnership, Thanks Fred."

- Russ Becker, General Manager, Beck-Reit and Sons, Ltd.

Bill Taute Homes

"Bill Taute Homes has used Construction Waste Recycler of Texas for our job site trash recycling and debris removal since they opened their doors in 2007. As a green builder, we don't believe in having a huge dumpster full of perfectly good materials in front of our homes for trash and construction waste. With the recycling program we instituted with the help of Fred Thornhill, we are able to recycle up to 80% of our construction waste, and use most of it on our job sites. I sponsored Construction Waste Recycler of Texas as a vendor for the Custom Builders - USA Austin buyers group, and have recommended them to all of my fellow builders at the Home Builder Association of Greater Austin and the Custom Builder Council."

- Bill Taute, President, Bill Taute Homes

Callidora Homes

"Attaining a LEED certification takes a lot of pre-planning and time. We have been using Fred's services now for 2 years and I can say he has not only improved our waste management on many levels, but has also helped us surpass our LEED certification goals and objectives. Because of Construction Waste Recycler of Texas we are now recycling over 86% of all job site waste!

I've used other waste management companies in the past and found that Fred's services are more cost effective and efficient. Additionally, he has helped with educating other subcontractors to create a seamless waste management process for all of my job sites. I would highly recommend his professional services to anyone trying to improve there onsite waste management. Thanks again Fred for the outstanding service you provide!"

- Mark Rodwell, President, Callidora Homes, LLC

Greenbelt Homes

"Greenbelt Homes proudly uses Construction Waste Recyclers for all of our waste needs! They are a reliable, top notch service provider that can help you reach your Green Building credits easier. I have found the cost is comparable to the old fashioned dumpster service and shows your customers, that you really care about Central Texas and its landfill issues."

- Chris Shaffer, President, Greenbelt Homes


"CWRT have been prompt, courteous and eager to help throughout our build process. Their services helped us achieve a LEED platinum rating and 5 stars from the Austin Green Building program all while saving us money over conventional waste disposal. I'd recommend them to anyone."

- Brad Deal, Project Manager, KRDB

Risinger Homes

"I love CWR, they have been fantastic! Their system of grinding and recycle/sort has been wonderful and my clients appreciate the thought I put into my trash strategy."

- Matt Risinger, Principal, Risinger Homes