Construction Waste Recycler of Texas

Construction Waste Recycler of Texas is a key part of a home builder's Waste Management Plan.

Grinding construction waste material for reuse on site, along with techniques to reduce the amount of material generated, is proven as the best Green method. We use a self-contained, mobile, low-speed grinder that can handle wood, drywall, block, brick, asphalt roofing shingles, and roofing tiles, turning them from costly waste to cost-effective site resources. Cardboard and scrap metal is collected and delivered to recycling facilities. We are committed to reducing landfill waste, maintaining a clean job site, providing excellent customer service, all at fair competitive pricing.

Building green shouldn't cost more! Together we can fullfill our mission of Saving the Landfills One Job Site at a Time.

Austin Energy Green BuildingCustom Builders USA - AustinHBA of Greater Austin

CWR of Texas is registered and listed as a resource with Austin Energy Green Building and a proud member of Custom Builders USA - Austin and Home Builders Association of Greater Austin



The following video was created by Matt Risinger and the Green Building Blog. In the video, project manager Eric Rauser gives a rundown on how we pulverize the wood debris that would otherwise get landfilled!.